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ID MobileAccess 3.0

Enhancing Employee Productivity when Remote

With ID MobileAccess 3.0, everyone in your dealership can take advantage of best-in-class mobile access when they're on the go. No other Dealer Management System's (DMS) mobile application comes close1.

Top 10 Features of ID MobileAccess 3.0

  1. Parts inventory integration – See detailed parts information when you're away from your desk and search your parts inventory based on basic (e.g. parts number, location, description, vendor) or advanced fields (e.g. bin, class, type, source)

  2. View and share entire equipment inventory – Search all available units, share data, drill down into the details , including serial numbers and attachments , and send full color emails to customers

  3. Maintain customer information and locations -  View and maintain all customer information, including GoogleTM mapping and interactive navigation to their locations, with clickable phone numbers and email addresses

  4. Clock repair time to work order segments - Mobile Technicians can capture necessary signatures for the end-of-day Service Job Report, view/add appropriate multimedia2 to the work order, and clock repair time at the segment level, as well as update descriptions, complaints, causes and corrections

  5. Second Technician support - Multiple Technicians can assist on a single repair segment

  6. Camera integration – Quickly take pictures and upload them as multimedia2 to equipment and work order details

  7. View rental availability – Assist clients in the field with a view of rental units available for a given date or range with ability to view/add multimedia2 images of your rental fleet

  8. CDK and dealership news – Get updates from CDK sent directly to your phone, plus inform employees about dealership specials, customer events and training

  9. Call scheduling - View and maintain your call schedule and all call history when you're away from your desk by monitoring your badge tag notifications, showing the number of calls scheduled along with a status indicator: Green (current), Yellow (late - today) or Red (late - yesterday or longer)

  10. View key Finance dashboards – View key Finance dashboards with access to Total A/R, Highest A/R Over 120, Top Customer Fiscal Purchases, MTD Sales, Fiscal YTD Sales and Yesterday Sales with pie charts and data grid displays

All these features are available 24/7 via the ID MobileAccess 3.0 application on your smartphone or tablet. It's like securely carrying your DMS around in your pocket.

1ID MobileAccess 3.0 is a supported application for mobile devices. The IntelliDealerTM DMS does not work on mobile devices.

2Multimedia function only available for IntelliDealer 3.0 DMS users.

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